2007 Theological Librarians

2007 Colloquy on The Role of the Theological Librarian in Teaching, Learning, and Research

April 18-23, 2007–Wabash College

Leadership Team
Laura C. Wood, Harvard Divinity School, Director
Ann Hotta, Graduate Theological Union
Roger L. Loyd, Duke University
Paul O. Myhre, Wabash Center


Theological librarians play an essential role in the educational process. Institutional standards developed by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) highlight the need for librarians to contribute to theological scholarship — teaching, learning, and research — in ways specific both to the profession and to the particular school, its mission, curriculum, and resources. Yet in practice, the means of fulfilling this expectation are not always clear or immediately available to librarians. This colloquy explored the vocation of theological librarianship and promoted the development of strategies and skills for increasing the effectiveness of librarians in the teaching/learning/research process in their own institutional and professional contexts.

Goals of the Colloquy:
1. To provide an opportunity for theological librarians new to the profession to reflect on the distinctiveness of theological librarianship as a vocation and a profession;
2. To assist theological librarians in developing their role as educators and as partners with faculty and students in the task of theological scholarship;
3. To explore the future of theological libraries, including the theological librarian’s role in implementing change in educational practices related to the impact of new technology, methods, resources, paradigms and trends on theological scholarship/librarianship;
4. To provide opportunities for participants to consider the collaborative nature of librarianship in theological education and to engage in a community of peers.

Front Row (left to right): Joan Pries (Regent College), *Ann Hotta (Graduate Theological Union), Jennifer Ulrich (Eastern Mennonite University), Kelly Campbell (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary), Teresa Lubienecki (Christ the King Seminary).

Second Row: *Paul Myhre (Wabash Center), *Laura Wood (Harvard Divinity School), Beth Bidlack (University of Chicago), Deborah Creamer (Iliff School of Theology), Tolonda Henderson (New Brunswick Theological Seminary), Jennifer Bartholomew (Luther Seminary).  

Third Row: Mayra Gloria Picos-Lee (Palmer Theological Seminary), Maria Garcia (Oblate School of Theology), Thomas P. Power (Wycliffe College), Rachel Minikin (Graduate Theological Union), *Roger Loyd (Duke Divinity School).

Fourth Row: Matthew Ostercamp (Trinity International University), Anthony Elia (McCormick Theological Seminary).

* leadership/staff 

Wabash Center