2019 ATSI Workshop

2019 Workshop for ATSI Doctoral Fellows

October 25 – 27, 2019

Co-Sponsored with the Asian Theological Summer Institute

This Wabash Teaching and Learning Workshop is designed specifically for ATSI Fellows to gather for reflection and discussion about the vocation and practices of teaching, especially issues that pertain to the first years of one’s teaching career. We will also attend to the realities of global/local religious and theological education, and the professional challenges and possibilities that await Asian/North American scholars as they enter the variegated arenas of teaching. The workshop is intended for ATSI Fellows who are in the dissertation writing stage of their doctoral program (ABD) and those who have finished their doctoral degree for no more than one year. ATSI Fellows may contact Paul Rajashekar, rajashekar@ltsp.edu, for additional details.

Leadership Team:
Courtney Goto, Boston University School of Theology
Benny Liew, College of the Holy Cross
Paul Rajashekar, ATSI, The Lutheran Theological Seminary of Philadelphia
Mary Stimming, Wabash Center

Left to right, from bottom to top:

HyeMin Na (Emory University), Brianna Wong (Princeton Theological Seminary), Jaisy Joseph (Seattle University), Hyebin Hong (Boston University School of Theology), Courtney Goto* (Boston University School of Theology), Nindyo Sasogko (Fordham University), Stephanie Wong (Valparaiso University), Chwi-woon Kim (Baylor University), Joe Hwang (Asbury Theological Seminary), Peng Yin (Harvard University), Hyun Woo Kim (Emory University), Hans Harmakaputra (Boston College), Lisa Cunningham (Drew University), Isaac Kim (Princeton Theological Seminary), Paul Rajashekar* (United Lutheran Seminary), Toar Hutagalung (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary), Tat-siong Benny Liew*(College of the Holy Cross)

Not pictured: Mary Stimming* (Wabash Center)

* leadership/staff position

Asian Theological Summer Institute Doctoral Fellows
October 2019



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