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Creative Learning in Higher Education: International Perspectives and Approaches

Watts, Linda S.; and Blessinger, Patrick
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
LB2395.35.C72 2017
Topics: Constructivist & Active Learning Theory

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This book provides higher education faculty and administrators a scholarly resource on the most salient aspects and emerging trends in creative learning in higher education today. International contributors explore ways to foster creativity in any student, regardless of academic discipline or demographic characteristics and demonstrate that creativity is a skill all students can and should learn. Chapters analyzes how different countries and cultures implement creative learning, exploring issues of instruction, assessment, and ultimately how these practices are transforming learning. This important book helps higher education professionals understand and cultivate creative learning across disciplines in any college and university setting. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Foreword (Norman Jackson)


Part I: Principles and Concepts
Ch 1. History and Nature of Creative Learning, (Patrick Blessinger, Linda S. Watts)

Part II: Successful Practices in Creative Learning: Cases
Ch 2. Promoting Creative Learners through Innovative Pedagogy (Fredricka Reisman)
Ch 3. Participatory Choreographies, Our Future Cities, and the Place of Creative Learning in International Arts Exchanges (Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren)
Ch 4. Configuring Interdisciplinarity: The Common Core at the University of Hong Kong (Gray Kochhar-Lindgren)
Ch 5. Creating Meaningful Learning Spaces through Phenomenological Strategies (David Giles, Clare McCarty)
Ch 6. Creative Learning Strategies:Learning How to Cooperate (Nives Dolšak, Cinnamon Hillyard)
Ch 7. Toward Mindful Assessment in Higher Education: A Case-Study in Contemplative Commentary on Student Work to Promote Creative Learning (Linda S. Watts)
Ch 8. Play and 3D Enquiry for Stimulating Creative Learning (Alison James)
Ch 9. The Dynamics of Creative Learning: A Case Study in Best Practices in Public Urban Higher Education (Gina Rae Foster)

Part III: Enhancing Creative Learning: Essays
Ch 10. Creative Approaches to Stimulate Classroom Discussions (Stephen Brookfield)
Ch 11. Developing Creative Competencies through Improvisation—Living Musically (Rob Kaplan)
Ch 12. Realizing the Potential for Creativity in Teaching and Learning (Lorraine Stefani)

Part IV: Conclusion
Ch 13. The Future of Creative Learning (Linda S. Watts, Patrick Blessinger)


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