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A Special Issue with Essays from Theological Education Between the Times

Journal Issue
Theological Education 51, no. 2 (The Association of Theological Schools, Pittsburgh 2018)
BV4019.T47 v51 no. 2
Topics: Theological Education

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Journal Issue.

Table Of Content:
Guest Editors' Introduction (Ted A. Smith, Marti R. Jewell, S. Steve Kang)
Preparing Leaders for God's Work in a World of Adaptive Challenge (Juan Francisco Martínez)
Practical Theology: Preparing Ministers for Today's Church (Marti R. Jewell)
The Emerging Model of Formational Theological Education (Daniel O. Aleshire)
The Purposes of Theological Education (Dwight N. Hopkins)
Encountering the Religious "Stranger": Interreligious Pedagogy and the Future of Theological Education (Scott C. Alexander)
Local Matters and the Naming of God (Jennifer A. Herdt)
Informed and Formed by Theological Education (Kathleen a Cahalan(
Notes from a Native Daughter (Keri L. Day)
Theological Education as Personal and Communal Self-Reflexivity for the Sake of the World: A Hyphenated and Orthogonal Meandering (S. Steve Kang)
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