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Slow Looking: The Art and Practice of Learning Through Observation

Tishman, Shari
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
LB1027.28.T57 2018
Topics: Constructivist & Active Learning Theory

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Slow Looking provides a robust argument for the importance of slow looking in learning environments both general and specialized, formal and informal, and its connection to major concepts in teaching, learning, and knowledge. A museum-originated practice increasingly seen as holding wide educational benefits, slow looking contends that patient, immersive attention to content can produce active cognitive opportunities for meaning-making and critical thinking that may not be possible through high-speed means of information delivery. Addressing the multi-disciplinary applications of this purposeful behavioral practice, this book draws examples from the visual arts, literature, science, and everyday life, using original, real-world scenarios to illustrate the complexities and rewards of slow looking.

Table Of Content:

Ch 1. Introduction: Slow Matters

Ch 2. Strategies for Looking

Ch 3. Slow in Practice

Ch 4. Looking and Describing

Ch 5. Look for Yourself…and Visit a Museum!

Ch 6. Looking Goes to School

Ch 7. Science Learns to Look

Ch 8. Slow Looking and Complexity

Ch 9. Conclusion: Thinking Through Slow

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