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Taking Learning to Task: Creative Strategies for Teaching Adults

Vella, Jane
Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA
LC5225.L42V43 2000
Topics: Adult Learners   |   Learning Designs

Additional Info:
In Taking Learning to Task, Vella draws from current theory and practice to explore the meaning and power of learning tasks. To illustrate this unique approach, she provides seven steps to planning learning-centered courses, four types of learning tasks, a checklist of principles and practices, critical questions for instructional design, key components for evaluation, and other invaluable tools." "Taking Learning to Task is a hands-on, practical guide to designing effective learning tasks for diverse learners and diverse content. Teachers, trainers, and all types of instructors will find a wealth of advice for refining their day-to-day practice. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
ch. 1. Learning Tasks: Assumptions and Definition.
ch. 2. Comparing Teaching Tasks and Learning Tasks.
ch. 3. Learning Tasks As Part of a Complete Design.
ch. 4. Four Types of Learning Tasks.
ch. 5. The Power of Action: "The Verb's the Thing".
ch. 6. Principles to Guide Design.
ch. 7. The Art of Leading Learning Tasks.
ch. 8. Time and the Learning Task.
ch. 9. Checkpoint: Reviewing Concepts Through Examples.
ch. 10. Matching Tasks to the Group: One Size Does Not Fit All.
ch. 11. Tasks for Distance Learning and the Internet.
ch. 12. Using Learning Tasks: Twenty Reasons and Twenty Principles.

A. Learning Tasks in Action: A Workshop Model.
B. Example of a Distance-Learning Course.
C. Technical Guide for Designing and Using Learning Tasks.
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