Budget Revision Request

Instructions for Making a Budget Revision Request

The grant agreement includes provisions for budget changes, some of which require advance approval from the Wabash Center. Advance approval is required on any changes over $500 or 10% of individual line item amounts. (See Grant Agreement Article II, General Conditions, #5 on page 2.)

Please request advance approval from the Wabash Center for any changes to the budget, that are over $500 or 10% of individual line item amounts. See Grant Agreement Article II, General Conditions, #5 on page 2.

Please submit a Budget Revision Request Form and a letter explaining the rationale for the budget change request.

Sample Letter Requesting Grant Budget Revision

Download Sample Letter (pdf)

RE:    Grant No. WC 1234 567

Dear Dr. Nancy Lynne Westfield:

Now that we are several months into the project that is being supported by the above referenced Wabash Center grant, it is becoming apparent that the budget, as approved by the Wabash Center, needs some slight adjustments in order to meet some of the emerging modifications in our work.  I have enclosed a formal request for budget revision and wish now to explain our rationale for requesting these adjustments.

 As the proposal stated, it has been necessary to engage the services of a “Research Assistant” to provide some of the back-up assistance for this project.  However, we have now found that less of this person’s time is required than was originally envisioned.  Meanwhile, several unforeseen expenses have emerged that were not anticipated when the proposal was submitted.  The funds realized by reduction in the Research Assistant’s time will cover these new expenses.

As you will see from our formal request, we are asking that $10,343 be deducted from the Research Assistant budget line and an equal amount reallocated for other purposes.  The most expensive need is for an additional laptop computer for the project and we are requesting an additional $5,000 for that purpose.  In addition, we have found that we under-budgeted various supplies and other administrative costs during the course of the project.  Finally, recent increases in airfares have led us to believe that we will need to allocate more funds both for project travel costs and for consultant expenses.  All of these adjustments are listed on the enclosed “request for budget revision.”

Thank you for your kind attention to this request.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Sample Budget Revision Request

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