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Check Out the Features on Our New Web Page

The new Wabash Center web page is finally launched, after years of dreaming, studying, and planning.

The new web page provides a structure through which we can envision and create a virtual Wabash Center community on the internet. Come back often, as we add resources and develop areas that are currently still in gestation. A web site is never “finished” – by the nature of the medium. And certainly this one is just getting started.

Our goal is to create a virtual community of religion faculty critically reflecting on their teaching practice. This web site will be a place where workshop participants can stay connected to colleagues and issues encountered at Wabash. And it will be a place where we can bring new faculty into this ongoing conversation about teaching theology and religious studies in the academy.

Check out some of the new features on our website:

The New Internet Guide
The Wabash Center’s renowned “Guide to Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion” has a completely new interface.

• Enhanced taxonomy of topics – more intuitive, comprehensive, and consistent with library protocols.
• Database driven – allowing robust searches within and across the taxonomy of topics.
• Material Types – allows finer distinctions between different types of web pages.
• Personal Subject Headings – lists significant philosophers and theologians, both alphabetically and chronologically.

Teaching and Learning Resources
Search for keywords, or browse the taxonomy of topics that canvass the best in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Review and search within annotated citations for published works or find resources immediately available on the web with a click of your mouse.

Find People
Interested in organizing your own gathering of faculty for mutual support and critical reflection on teaching practice? Want to find colleagues who share your Wabash-enthusiasm? You can search here for past participants in Wabash programs (workshops, colloquies, conferences, grants, and journal authors). Sort them by region, academic discipline, or specific school.

Search Awarded Grants
Before applying for a Wabash Center grant, browse or search through our database of previously awarded grants. The proposal and learning abstracts will help you identify projects that are similar to what you’re proposing. Contact the named project director so that your grant project will benefit from and build on what’s already been done.

My Wabash

A login page for participants in our workshops and colloquies. Find instructions and information on the gathering. Communicate with other participants. Post and review others’ documents. View the photo gallery. And more. (Available only to participants who have applied and been selected into one of our programs.) This section is still under construction; most of its functionality is not yet available.

Online Applications
Now you can apply online for a grant, consultation, workshop or colloquy. Attach documents to your application (cv, project proposal, etc.). The “My Wabash ” feature allows you to hold your application to complete and submit later.

Sign up for our E-Newsletter
A periodic email alert to what’s happening at the Wabash Center, new resources available on our web page or elsewhere on the web, and new opportunities to gather with colleagues and talk about teaching.

Photos Photos Photos
Wabash Center programming has always been about providing a safe and hospitable space for faculty to gather and talk about teaching. Now the numerous photos on our website will reflect the camaraderie and engaging intensity of our various gatherings.

Contact Us

Each page will have a help and frequently asked questions link (specific to your current location on the web page), as well as a link to send us email to report problems, suggest a resource, or ask a question.

Tell us what you think! And suggest new features for us to build. We will continue to add new features based on your feedback and needs.



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