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Curricular Instruction in the Boston Theological Institute

Awarded Grant
Petersen, Rodney
Boston Theological Institute
Theological School
Topics: Research and Writing on Teaching   |   Relating Pedagogy and Curriculum

Proposal abstract :
Analysis of past curricular offerings in the schools in the Boston Theological Institute in order to assess trends and facilitate long-term planning in theological education.

Learning Abstract :
The project sought to analyze the history of curricular instruction in the schools of the Boston Theological Institute. They compiled and analyzed the information found within the annual BTI catalogue over a period of 25 years. With this information they sought to a) develop a precise history of the courses offered in the consortium from 1967-92, b) recognize patterns or trends of theological education, c) assist theological institutions in developing long-term strategies and faculty selection.
The study began a process that led to two certificates offered through the BTI, one in International Mission and Ecumenism, and a second in Science and Religion in three tracks: Natural Science, Bio-ethics, Religion and Ecology. Also, from this study came an edited collection, Theological Literacy in the 21st Century, published by Eerdmans Publishing Company.
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