Doctoral Student Seminar

Doctoral Student Seminar – Philadelphia

February 22-23, 2019

The Wabash Center conducts Teaching Seminars for Doctoral Students in U.S. cities with significant numbers of doctoral programs in theological and religious studies. These seminars feature conversations about teaching facilitated by two Wabash Consultants.


To contribute to the formation of future teachers by guiding doctoral students in conversations about teaching, both in general and in specifics including:

  • Critically reflective teaching
  • Design of learning experiences
  • Teaching contexts
  • Issues of diversity in the classroom

The seminars also provide an opportunity to acquaint doctoral students with the Wabash Center and its resources so they can take advantage of the Wabash Center’s fuller programming when they have teaching appointments. In addition, doctoral students will discover ways to build networks of support and conversation across institutions.

Leadership for Philadelphia Doctoral Teaching Seminar:

  • Patricia Killen, Gonzaga University
  • Eric Barreto, Princeton Theological Seminary

Front Row: Leigh Anne Hildebrand (Graduate Theological Union), Andre Price (Villanova University), Taylor Ott (Fordham University), Peace Lee (Duke Divinity School), Isaiah Ellis (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Sara Williams (Emory University).

Second Row: Samah Choudhury (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Megan Strollo (Union Presbyterian Seminary), *Patricia Killen (Gonzaga University), Laurel Cosgrove (Florida State University), Dara Delgado (University of Dayton), Benjamin Lujan (University of Toronto), Sahver Kuzucuoglu (Wilfrid Laurier University).

Back Row: Max Dugan (University of Pennsylvania), Jorge Rodriguez (Union Theological Seminary, NY), Chelsea Yarborough (Vanderbilt University), Dustin Benac (Duke Divinity School), James Hill (Northwestern University), Trent Voth (Toronto School of Theology), Kevin Rose (University of Virginia), *Eric Barreto (Princeton Theological Seminary), Gilbert Stockson (University of Notre Dame), Chontel Syfox (University of Notre Dame).

Not Pictured: *Mary Stimming (Wabash Center).

*leadership/staff position.

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More information:
Mary T. Stimming, PhD
Associate Director for Special Programs

Participants receive a $500 honorarium for full attendance.

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