Flipping the Classroom

Playlist of Videos Culled from the Web on Flipping the Classroom

The Flipped Class: Formative Assessment (1:40)


Succinct introduction to advantages of flipped classroom, e.g., frequent, immediate, individualized, differentiated assessment.

The Flipped Class: Which Tech Tools Are Right For You? (2:31)

Argues that flipped classroom is a “pedagogical solution with a technological component.” Explores various technological options to produce and share video content.

The Flipped Class: Overcoming Hurdles (4:39)

Helpful suggestions for responding to challenges accessing content, length of videos, students not watching the videos, etc. Strong recommendation that lessons that contain the most difficult content are best candidates for flipped classroom method.

The Benefits of the Flipped Classroom in Law School and Higher Education (2:45)

Outlines how a flipped classroom is implemented at the graduate level. Narrator argues that flipped classroom results in a more “discussion, collaboration, and application” during class and more engaged, confident students capable of “deeper learning.”

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