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C(H)AOS Theory: Reflections of Chief Academic Officers in Theological Education

Brillman, Kathleen, and Birch, Bruce C., eds.
William B Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, MI
BV4166.C53 2011
Topics: Theological Education   |   Leadership and Faculty Development

Additional Info:
Members of the Association of Theological Schools' Chief Academic Officers Society (CAOS) -- deans and CAOs at more than 250 theological schools in the United States and Canada -- face a number of unique vocational tasks and trials. C(H)AOS Theory brings together in one volume perspectives from more than thirty veteran deans on a variety of topics related to academic leadership, from understanding institutional contexts and nurturing relationships to negotiating conflict, setting and meeting academic goals, building budgets, working with assessment and accreditation, and more.

With its rich amalgam of useful information, bold instruction on a host of academic leadership issues, and lively narratives on the ways different colleagues address common challenges, C(H)AOS Theory will serve as a helpful resource for academic leaders. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Introduction - Honoring Complexities, Celebrating Colleagueship: What to Expect from This Book

Reading Institutional Context
ch. 1 Academic Leadership and the Varieties of Theological Schools
Fins on the Left, Fins on the Right: Reading Context in Seminaries (Jana Childers)
Stop, Look, and Listen: Observation in Academic Leadership (Gale R. O'Day)

ch. 2 Developing Vision and Serving Mission
The Centrality of Institutional Mission as an Anchor of Corporate Vision (Jay Wade Marshall)
From Vision to Decision: Identifying the Dean's Essential Role in Facilitating the School's Mission (Richard Benson)

ch. 3 The Vocational Call and Multifaceted Role of the CAO
The Vocation of the Academic Dean (Stephen R. Graham)
The Vocational Call and Multiple Occupations of a CAO (Linda W. Bryan)

Nurturing Commitments
ch. 4 Relating to the CEO
Leading from the Middle (Willie James Jennings)
Building a Relationship That Furthers the Mission (Randolph MacFarland)

ch. 5 The Dean's Role in Governance
Governance and Faculty Leadership: Routine, Complex, Contentious, and Collaborative (D. Cameron Murchison)
Fulcrum Leadership and the Varied Dimensions of Governance (Anne T. Anderson)

ch. 6 Faculty Leadership and Development
Scaffolding That Supports Faculty Leadership: The Dean's Constructive Role (Anne B. Yardley)
Faculty Leadership and Development: Lessons from the Anabaptist-Pietist Tradition (Dale R. Stoffer)

ch. 7 The Dean's Relationship with Students
The Dean and Students: A Denominational Seminary Perspective (Ruth A. Meyers)
The Dean and Students: A Divinity School Perspective (Richard A. Rosengarten)

ch. 8 Modeling/Leading in Teaching and Scholarship
The Dean as Teacher and Scholar: Four Ways to Lead (Craig L. Nessan)
Leading as an Act of Academic Hospitality (Barbara Horkoff Mutch)

ch. 9 Leading in Diversity: Personal Experiences and Institutional Choices
The Stranger in the Center: The Academic Dean as Racial Minority (Stephen Breck Reid)
Locating Multiple Immigrant Identities and Belonging in Relatedness: Insights for Intercultural Leadership (Faustino M. Cruz)
In the Pursuit of a Community That Does Diversity Well (Sherwood G. Lingerfelter, with Winston E. Gooden, and Linda M. Wagener)
Reflections about Gender and Administration in Theological Education (Barbara Brown Zikmund)

Developing Competencies
ch. 10 Orchestrating People and Processes
The Dean as Administrator: It's All a Matter of Relationships (Gary Riebe-Estrella)
Focusing a Complex, Multidimensional Role: Observations from a Protestant Seminary Dean (John T. Carroll)
Building Consensus and Negotiating Conflict (Jack L. Seymour)

ch. 11 Building the Academic Budget
The Budget as a Mission Tool: Vision, Principles, and Strategies (Robin J. Steinke)
Entering Unfamiliar Territory: Budget Basics for the Dean of a University Theological School (Tite Tiénou)

ch. 12 Balancing Formation, Academic Learning, and Ecclesiastical Goals
Developing a Curriculum for Academic, Spiritual, and Vocational Formation (Bruce P. Powers)
Balancing Formation and Academic Learning (Ronald A. Mercier)
Living Fruitfully in the Tensions between Academy and Church (Ervin R. Stutzman)

ch. 13 Understanding and Using Assessment and Accreditation
Understanding and Fostering a Culture of Assessment: A Primer for Academic Deans (John F. VerBerkmoes)
Shifting Models of Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes: A Key to Renewal, Improvement, and Effectiveness (Leland V. Eliason)

ch. 14 Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Development
Finding Wholeness in the Role of the Dean (Bruce C. Birch)

Afterword - The Scholarship of Academic Leadership: A Postscript on the Work of Chief Academic Officers (Daniel O. Aleshire)
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