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Contemplative Pedagogy and the Religious Studies Classroom: Editor's Introduction

Journal Issue
Jacoby, Sarah
Spotlight on Teaching, June 18, 2019
Topics: Faith in the Classroom   |   Learning Designs   |   Alternative Classrooms

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Journal Issue

Table Of Content:

Ch 1. Contemplative Pedagogy and the Religious Studies Classroom (Sarah Jacoby)
Ch 2. Why I Do Not Use Contemplative Pedagogy in the Public University Classroom (Candy Gunther Brown)
Ch 3. Making Reading Relevant: Critical Thinking as Contemplative Practice (Kathleen M. Fisher)
Ch 4. Contemplating the Smartphone Dis/Connect (Daniel A. Hirshberg)
Ch 5. Critical, Creative, Contemplative (Karolyn Kinane)
Ch 6. Simplicity: Portals to the Contemplative (Anne Carolyn Klein)
Ch 7. Contemplative Pedagogy (Harold D. Roth)
Ch 8. Teaching Contemplation in 3D (Michael Sheehy)
Ch 9. Reading with a Fresh Mind: Contemplative Reading Exercise (Judith Simmer-Brown)

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