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For Life Abundant: Practical Theology, Theological Education, and Christian Ministry

Bass, Dorothy C., and Craig Dykstra, eds.
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, MI
BV3.F65 2008
Topics: Theological Education   |   Ministerial Formation   |   Identity, Society, and Church

Additional Info:
What does it mean to lead a truly "life-giving way of life"? What kinds of learning and teaching will best prepare ministers to foster such a way of life in their congregations? How might teachers of practical theology best understand and undertake their task to educate and form ministers? Respected scholars and ministers explore such questions in For Life Abundant, probing and clarifying the significance of practical theology in the classroom, in the wider academy, and in actual ministry settings. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Introduction by Dorothy C. Bass and Craig Dykstra

Part 1 Envisioning Practical Theology
ch. 1 Ways of Life Abundant by (Dorothy C. Bass)
ch. 2 Pastoral and Ecclesial Imagination by (Craig Dykstra)
ch. 3 Mapping the Field of Practical Theology by (Kathleen A. Cahalan and James R. Nieman)

Part 2 Practical Theology in the Classroom
ch. 4 Introducing Ministry and Fostering Integration: Teaching the Bookends of the Master of Divinity Program by (Kathleen A. Calahan)
ch. 5 Teaching Worship as a Christian Practice by (John D. Witvliet)
ch. 6 Liturgy and Life: An Account of Teaching Ritual Practices by (James R. Nieman)
ch. 7 Practical Theology and Pedagogy: Embodying Theological Know-How (Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore)

Pt. 3 Practical Theology in the Wider Academy
ch. 8 Practical Theology in Two Modes (Serene Jones)
ch. 9 History, Practice, and Theological Education (David D. Daniels III and Ted A. Smith)
ch. 10 Practical Theology on the Quad: Doctoral Study in Practical Theology in a University Context (Thomas G. Long)

Part 4 Practical Theology in Ministry ch. 11 Learning Ministry over Time: Embodying Practical Wisdom (Christian Scharen)
ch. 12 Transition into Ministry: Preconceiving the Boundaries between Seminaries and Congregations (David J. Wood)
ch. 13 Shaping Communities: Pastoral Leadership and Congregational Formation (Peter W. Marty)
ch. 14 Educating and Forming Disciples for the Reign of God: Reflections on Youth Pilgrimages to the Holy Land (Gordon S. Mikosi)

Part 5 For Life Abundant
ch. 15 In Anticipation

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