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"Home is My Area Code: Thinking About, Teaching and Learning Globalization in Introductory World Religions Classes"

DeTemple, Jill
Teaching Theology and Religion 15, no. 1 (2012): 61-71
BL41.T4 v.15 no. 1 2012
Topics: Teaching Religion   |   Learning Designs

Additional Info:
There has been significant and growing interest in teaching religious studies, and specifically world religions, in a “global” context. Bringing globalization into the classroom as a specific theoretical and pedagogical tool, however, requires not just an awareness that religions exist in an ever-globalizing environment, but a willingness to engage with globalization as a cultural, spatial, and theoretical arena within which religions interact. This article is concerned with the ways that those of us interested in religion employ globalization in the classroom conceptually and pedagogically, and argues that “lived religion” provides a useful model for incorporating globalization into religious studies settings.
Wabash Center