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Hope, Utopia and Creativity in Higher Education: Pedagogical Tactics for Alternative Futures

Hammond, Craig A.
Bloomsbury Publishing Inc.
LB2322.2.H355 2017
Topics: Vocation of Teaching   |   Critical Pedagogies

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Reappraising ideas associated with Ernst Bloch, Roland Barthes and Gaston Bachelard within the context of a utopian pedagogy, Hope, Utopia and Creativity in Higher Education reframes the transformative, creative and collaborative potential of education offering new concepts, tactics and pedagogical possibilities. Craig A. Hammond explores ways of analysing and democratising not only pedagogical conception, knowledge and delivery, but also the learning experience, and processes of negotiation and peer-assessment. Hammond shows how the incorporation of already existent learner hopes, daydreams, and creative possibilities can open up new opportunities for thinking about popular culture and memory, learning and knowledge, and collaborative communities of support. Drawing together theoretical and cultural material in a teaching and learning environment of empowerment, Hammond illustrates that formative articulations of alternative, utopian futures, across sociological, humanities, and education studies subjects and curricula, becomes possible.

Table Of Content:

Ch 1. Introduction: Critical Pedagogies – Horizons of Possibility

Part I: Tactics: Conceptualising Hope, Utopia & Creativity
Ch 2. Ernst Bloch, Hope and Utopia: The Stuff of Possibility
Ch 3. Roland Barthes: Punctum! The Death of the Author
Ch 4. Gaston Bachelard: Poetics, Space & Daydreaming

Part II: Pedagogical Strategies for Creative Possibilities
Ch 5. Dérive and Détournement: Pedagogical Strategies for Creative Engagement
Ch 6. Bye Bye Badman: The Redemption of Hope through Popular Culture
Ch 7. The Wisdom of the Crowd: Liberating Creativity

Part III: Learner Stories, Reflections and Projections
Ch 8. A Garland of Rhythms
Ch 9. Encounters, Stories, Connections
Ch 10. Beyond the Trace: Reflections from Past Learners
Ch 11. Conclsion Elpis/Eidos – Elpeidetics: Hopeful Visions?

Appendix 1: Student Contact Emails
Appendix 2: Student Information, Questionnaire and Permissions
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