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Leading Academic Change: Essential Roles for Department Chairs

Lucas, Ann F. & Associates
Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA
LB2341.L82 2000
Topics: Leadership and Faculty Development

Additional Info:
For the 80,000 department chairs working on campuses across the nation, this visionary yet practical book shows how to manage academic change at the department level. It provides useful ideas and strategies on handling resistance to change, transforming departments into productive learning communities, and improving educational quality for students. In twelve incisive chapters, top academic scholars, authors, and consultants address topics and trends as diverse as service learning, technologicalchange, curriculum renewal, faculty reward systems, and post-tenure review. They offer effective models to help department chairs and administrators work through the change process, including recommendations based on real-world experiences. They also integrate the latest research with examples of best practices into a readable, accessible format. Whether you are a department chair, administrator, or a faculty member aspiring to improve your department, Leading Academic Change is the expert's guide to mobilizing faculty energy towards academic success. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Questions and Activities for Each Chapter
A Teamwork Approach to Change in the Academic Department (A. Lucas)
A Collaborative Model for Leading Academic Change (A. Lucas)
Handling Resistance to Change (S. Cheldelin)
Transforming Departments into Productive Learning Communities (T. Angelo)
The Collaborative Role of the Chair in Departmental Change
The Departmental Statement on Promotion and Tenure: A Key to Successful Leadership (R. Diamond)
Post-Tenure Review (C. Licata)
Strengthening the Departmental Voice in the Faculty Reward System (H. Altman)
Leading Innovative Change in Curriculum and Teaching
Monitoring and Improving Educational Quality in the Academic Department (L. Gardiner)
Service Learning and the Engaged Department: A Strategy with Many Uses (E. Zlotkowski)
Giving Faculty Ownership of Technological Change in the Department (A. Bates)
Leading Curriculum Renewal (A. Ferren & K. Mussell)
The Academy as Learning Community: Contradiction in Terms or Realizable Future? (P. Senge)
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