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Online Teaching at Its Best: Merging Instructional Design with Teaching and Learning Research

Nilson, Linda B.; Goodson, Ludwika A.
Jossey-Bass Wiley
LB1044.87.N55 2018
Topics: Online Learning

Additional Info:
Online Teaching at Its Best: A Merger of Instructional Design with Teaching and Learning Research is the scholarly resource for online learning that faculty, instructional designers, and administrators have long been awaiting. Over 70 percent of degree-granting institutions offer online classes, and while technical resources abound, the courses often fall short of integrating the best practices in online pedagogy, even if they comply with online course design standards. Typically these standards omit the best practices in teaching and learning and the principles from cognitive science, leaving students struggling to keep the pace, understand the material, and fulfill their true potential as learners. This book fills the gap, providing evidence-based practices for online teaching, online course design, and online student motivation integrated with pedagogical and cognitive science to help you build the distance learning courses and programs your students deserve.

As more and more students opt for distance learning, it's up to designers and instructors to rethink traditional methods and learn to work more effectively within the online learning environment, and up to administrators to provide the needed leadership. Online Teaching at Its Best provides practical, real-world advice grounded in educational science to help online instructors, instructional designers, and administrators deliver an exceptional learning experience. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Ch 1. Teaching at Its Best, No Matter What the Environment

Ch 2. Setting Significant Outcomes

Ch 3. Designing a Coherent Course

Ch 4. Applying Cognitive Science to Online Teaching and Learning Strategies

Ch 5. Motivating Elements: Course Policies, Communications, Assessments, and More

Ch 6. Developing Interactivity, Social Connections, and Community

Ch 7. Making Accessibility for Everyone Much Easier

Ch 8. Creating a Supportive Culture for Online Teaching

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