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Peak Performance for Deans and Chairs: Reframing Higher Education's Middle

Roper, Susan Stavert, and Deal, Terrence E.
Rowman & Littlefield, Publishers, Lanham, MD
LB2341.R587 2010
Topics: Leadership and Faculty Development

Additional Info:
This book analyzes the behavior of chairs and deans through the political, structural, human resources, and symbolic frames. Lessons learned from the negative as well as the positive scenarios are highlighted, enabling deans and chairs to easily adapt them to their own situations. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:

ch. 1 Introduction: Trapped between a Rock and a Hard Place

ch. 2 The Way It Is: Ferreting Out Root Stresses and Plotting New Tactics

ch. 3 Change: Stifling Bedlam and Taming Turbulence

ch. 4 Faculty: Confronting Creeps and Cliques

ch. 5 Resources: Stepping Up to Cutbacks

ch. 6 Bosses: Winning over the Higher-Ups

ch. 7 The Way It's Spozed to Be: Leadership in Action

ch. 8 Conclusion: Practice and Perseverance


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