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Banks enters the debate on contemporary theological education with a comprehensive and refreshingly practical call to a missional model for theological education. He strives to root this model in a greater appreciation for biblical perspectives on formation for ministry.... Banks provides an extensive review of historical and contemporary issues and models of theological education. His review is critical, and while his missional model is ambitious, he does not avoid facing the practical consequences and challenges faced by those who would move toward what he considers a more authentic approach to the formation of persons called to theological education as teachers and students. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:

Part One - Reassessing Theological Education: The Present Stage of Debate
ch. 1 Retrieving Aspects of the "Classical" Model
ch. 2 Revising Aspects of the "Vocational" Model
ch. 3 Developing a More "Synthetic" Model
ch. 4 Some Final Responses to the Debate

Part Two - Backing Into the Future: A Biblical Angle of Vision
ch. 1 The Relevance of a Biblical Starting Point
ch. 2 Ministry Formation Before Christ
ch. 3 Ministry Formation by Christ
ch. 4 Ministry Formation After Christ

Part Three - Developing A Missional Model: From the Margins to the Center
ch. 1 Beyond Mission-Oriented and Missiological Education
ch. 2 Recasting Major Issues in the Debate
ch. 3 The Nature of Learning in a Missional Model
ch. 4 Reconceiving Teaching as a Missional Practice

Part Four - Bringing About Systemic Change: Some Guideposts To Reform
ch. 1 Reconfiguring the Student Profile
ch. 2 Rethinking Personal and Communal Formation
ch. 3 Refashioning Key Institutional Cultures
ch. 4 Reshaping the Theological Curriculum

ch. 1 Further Barriers to Institutional Reform
ch. 2 Other Avenues for Change

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