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Signs of The Times: Present and Future Theological Faculty

Journal Issue
Wheeler, Barbara G., Sharon L. Miller and Katarina Schuth
Auburn Studies, No. 10 (Auburn Theological Seminary, New York, NY 2005)
BV4070.A8.A1 2005 no. 10
Topics: Theological Education   |   Academic Histories and Contexts

Additional Info:
This issue on theological school faculty and doctoral students, who are the theological faculty of the future, revisits a topic first studied ten years ago by the Auburn Center for the Study of Theological Education. The findings of the present study, compared with those of Auburn’s earlier research, suggest that theological education is, on the whole, a stable enterprise. On many items and indicators, theological faculty and theology and religion doctoral students today look and sound very much like those surveyed ten years ago. In some other areas there are slight but steady changes over the decade that may indicate trends and a few dramatic changes that invite analysis and interpretation. This report also address a new topic—theological faculty members’ teaching practices and attitudes toward teaching. (From the Publisher)
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