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Special Issue on Games and Learning

Gottlieb, Owen; Lester, G. Brooke; Howard, Melanie A.; Hayse, Mark; Woodard, Randall; Mabry, Jessica; Allen, Garrick V.; Ghosh, Abhishek; Trimm, Charlie; Zeller, Benjamin E.; Garrett, Frances
Teaching Theology and Religion 21, no. 4 (2018): 244-344
Topics: Teaching Religion   |   Constructivist & Active Learning Theory

Additional Info:
A special issue of Teaching Theology & Religion on games and learning.

Table Of Content:
1. Re-Playing Maimonides' Codes: Designing Games to Teach Religious Legal Systems (Owen Gottlieb)
2. What IF? Building Interactive Fiction for Teaching and Learning (Brooke G. Lester)
3. A Game of Faith: Role-Playing Games as an Active Learning Strategy for Value Formation and Faith Integration in the Theological Classroom (Melanie A. Howard)
4. Tabletop Games and 21st Century Skill Practice in the Undergraduate Classroom (Mark Hayse)
5. Give and Receive Immediate Feedback and Kickstart Discussions with Kahoot! (Randall Woodard; Jessica Mabry)
6. Crafting Crosswords: A Cruciverbalist Approach to Paul's Letters (Garrick V. Allen)
7. The Reincarnation of Pacman (Abbisbek Ghosh)
8. War and Peace in Canaan: Connecting Geography with Political and Military Affairs in Ancient Israel through a Classroom Game (Charlie Trimm)
9. "Make Your Own Religion": The Fictive Religion Assignment as Educational Game (Benjamin E. Zeller)
10. Engaged Pedagogy through Role Play in a Buddhist Studies Classroom (Frances Garrett)
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