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Teaching Critical Thinking without (Much) Writing: Multiple-Choice and Metacognition

Bassett, Molly H.
Teaching Theology and Religion 19, no. 1 (2016): 20-40
BL41.T4 v.19 no.1
Topics: Assessing Students   |   Teaching Critical Thinking

Additional Info:
In this essay, I explore an exam format that pairs multiple-choice questions with required rationales. In a space adjacent to each multiple-choice question, students explain why or how they arrived at the answer they selected. This exercise builds the critical thinking skill known as metacognition, thinking about thinking, into an exam that also engages students in the methods of the academic study of religion by asking them to compare familiar excerpts and images. As a form of assessment, the exam provides a record of students' knowledge and their thought processes, and as a learning strategy, it encourages students to examine the thought processes they use to understand religion(s) and its many manifestations.
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