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Teaching Preaching: Isaac Rufus Clark and Black Sacred Rhetoric

Cannon, Katie Geneva
Continuum, New York, NY
Topics: Ministerial Formation

Additional Info:
In Teaching Preaching, Katie Cannon, one of Clark's myriad preaching proteges, conceives her role as purely "presentational": "to bring Clark face to face with a reading audience, allow him to explain the formal elements of preaching from the inside out, and let each lecture mediate its own message." She also allows Clark to speak in his own expressive vernacular, with its double negatives, deliberate redundancy, signifying wordplay, and colloquially coined cussedness. While Clark lucidly explicates all the elements of sermon preparation and delivery, he never tires of stressing the development of a "theoethical consciousness": "a transformative vision that focuses on Jesus as the chief cornerstone of the preaching person as well as of the preaching subject." This book will be an invaluable resource for ministers who struggle from Sunday to Sunday to find their ethical voice in the preparation of each and every sermon. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Ch. 1 Taking the Holiness of Preaching Seriously
Ch. 2 Bearing the Cross in This Holy Course
Ch. 3 A - Not The, but A - Theological Definition of Preaching
Ch. 4 A Critique of Contemporary Preaching
Ch. 5 The Sermonic Text
Ch. 6 Creative Textual Selections
Ch. 7 Three Textual Testers
Ch. 8 Sermonic Title, Introduction, and Proposition
Ch. 9 Definition, Elaboration, and Exemplification of the Sermonic Body
Ch. 10 Sermonic Clarification
Ch. 11 Justification
Ch. 12 Transitions
Ch. 13 Substance and Form in Proclaiming a Relevant Gospel
Ch. 14 Procedures in the Conclusion of the Sermon
Ch. 15 Anatomy of the Idea
Ch. 16 Four Bitter Pills for Black Revolutionary Religion
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