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The Invention of the Biblical Scholar

Moore, Stephen; and Sherwood, Yvonne
Fortress Press, Minneapolis, MN
BS 500.M655 2011
Topics: Vocation of Teaching

Additional Info:
What is a "biblical scholar"? Stephen D. Moore and Yvonne Sherwood provide a thoroughly defamiliarizing and frequently entertaining re–description of this peculiar academic species and its odd disciplinary habitat. The modern—and —biblical scholar, they argue, is a product of the Enlightenment. Even when a biblical scholar imagines that she is doing something else entirely (something confessional, theoretical, literary, or even postmodern), she is sustaining Enlightened modernity and its effects. This study poses questions for scholars across the humanities concerned with the question of the religious and the secular. It also poses pressing questions for scholars and students of biblical interpretation: What other forms might biblical criticism have taken? What untried forms might biblical criticism yet take? (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
The Irreducible Strangeness of the Biblical Scholar

ch. 1 Theory and Methodolatry
Theory's Obituaries
Theory in the Cafeteria
Theory before Theory
The Inhumanity of Theory
Method Is Our Madness
Unhistorical Criticism

ch. 2 The Invention of the Biblical Scholar
The Epistemic Abyss
The Invention of "Moral Unbelief"
The Eclipse of Biblical Immorality
The First and Third Quests for the Moral Jesus
The Moral Minority
The Problems of the Biblical Scholar

ch. 3 Theory in the First Wave: When Historical Critics Rules The Earth
The Biblical Sub-Sub-Sub-Specialist
Political Theory
The Dirt on Politics
The Dirt on Biblical Scholars
The Good Book as Great Book
Theory as Second Honeymoon
Revolutionary Old Discoveries
Reader-Response Criticism Is No Picnic
Civil Servants of the Biblical Text

Theory in the Second Wave: The Turn to Religion
Marginalizing the Margins
The Return of the Big, Flabby, Old-Fashioned Words

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