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The Oxford Handbook of Religion and American Education

Waggoner, Michael D.; Walker, Nathan C. , eds.
Oxford University Press
BL42.5.U5O95 2018
Topics: Religion and Academia

Additional Info:
From the founding of Harvard College in 1636 as a mission for training young clergy to the landmark 1968 Supreme Court decision in Epperson v. Arkansas, which struck down the state's ban on teaching evolution in schools, religion and education in the United States have been inextricably linked. Still today new fights emerge over the rights and limitations of religion in the classroom. The Oxford Handbook of Religion and American Education brings together preeminent scholars from the fields of religion, education, law, and political science to craft a comprehensive survey and assessment of the study of religion and education in the United States. The essays in the first part develop six distinct conceptual lenses through which to view American education, including Privatism, Secularism, Pluralism, Religious Literacy, Religious Liberty, and Democracy. The following four parts expand on these concepts in a diverse range of educational frames: public schools, faith-based K-12 education, higher education, and lifespan faith development. Designed for a diverse and interdisciplinary audience, this addition to the Oxford Handbook series sets for itself a broad goal of understanding the place of religion and education in a modern democracy. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Foreword - Martin E. Marty

List of Contributors

Introduction - Michael D. Waggoner and Nathan C. Walker

Part I. Frameworks
Ch 1. Religion, Privatization, and American Educational Policy - Janet Bordelon
Ch 2. Secularism and Religion in American Education -
Jonathon S. Kahn
Ch 3. Pluralism in Religion and American Education -
Diana L. Eck and Brendan W. Randall
Ch 4. Religious Literacy in American Education - Benjamin P. Marcus
Ch 5. Religious Liberty in American Education - Charles C. Haynes
Ch 6. Democracy, Religion, and American Education - Emile Lester

Part II. Lifespan Faith Development
Ch 7. Faith Development - Sharon Daloz Parks
Ch 8. Moral Education - Larry Nucci and Robyn Ilten-Gee
Ch 9. Religious Education in the Traditions -Mark A. Hicks
Ch 10. Religious Education Between the Traditions - Eboo Patel and Noah J. Silverman

Part III. Faith-Based K-12 Education
Ch 11. Private Religious Schools - Charles J. Russo, Kate E. Soules, Adina C. Newman and Susan L. Douglass
Ch 12. Religion and Homeschooling - Milton Gaither
Ch 13. Public Funding of Private Schools - Steven K. Green

Part IV. Religion and Public Schools
Ch 14. Religiously Affiliated Charter Schools - Nathan C. Walker
Ch 15. Law and Religion in American Education - John Witte Jr. and Brian Kaufman
Ch 16. Religious Expression in Public Schools - Kevin R. Pregent and Nathan C. Walker
Ch 17. Religion and the Public School Curriculum - Walter Feinberg
Ch 18. The Bible and American Public Schools - Mark A. Chancey
Ch 19. Religion, Extracurricular Activities, and Access to Public School Facilities - Charles J. Russo
Ch 20. Religious Freedom, Common Schools, and the Common Good - Erik Owens

Part V. Religion and Higher Education
Ch 21. Religion in Mainline and Independent Private Higher Education - Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen
Ch 22. Evangelical Higher Education - P. Jesse Rine
Ch 23. Catholic Higher Education - Michael Galligan-Stierle and Paula Moore
Ch 24. Religion and Spirituality in Public Higher Education - Michael D. Waggoner
Ch 25. Theological Education - Daniel O. Aleshire
Ch 26. Religion, Spirituality, and College Students - Alyssa N. Rockenbach and Julie J. Park
Ch 27. Religion, Spirituality, and College Faculty - Jennifer A. Lindholm
Ch 28. Teaching Religious Studies - Eugene V. Gallagher
Ch 29. Teaching About Religion Outside of Religious Studies - Robert J. Nash
Ch 30. Campus Ministry - John A. Schmalzbauer

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