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Theological Education Matters: Leadership Education for the Church

Cannell, Linda
BookSurge Publishing
Topics: Theological Education   |   Ministerial Formation

Additional Info:
Linda Cannell served churches and theological schools in Canada for about twenty years before joining the faculty of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois in 1990. While at Trinity, she served as a professor of Educational Ministry and directed the PhD in Educational Studies program. She now serves as Lois W. Bennett Distinguished Professor of Educational Ministries at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Emerging Trends in Theological Education: An Interview

Part I - A Threat Matrix For Theological Education: Special Problems For The Church
ch. 1 Perspectives on Contemporary Theological Education
ch. 2 Persisting Factors That Affect the Future of Theological Education
ch. 3 A Threat Matrix: Challenges Confronting the Seminary and the Church

Part II - Historical Backgrounds
ch. 4 The Development of Institutions of Theological Education
ch. 5 The Shaping of Academic Theology
ch. 6 The Emergence of Professionalism in Theological Education
ch. 7 Theologia and the Desire to Know God

Part III - Implications For 21st Century International Theological Education
ch. 8 Recovering a Focus on the Church
ch. 9 Toward a "Learning Century" for Theological Education
ch. 10 Toward an International 21st Century Theological Education

What Does It Mean to Be Theologically Educated?
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