Final and Interim Reports

All grants require a final report that reviews and analyzes the things learned in the course of the grant project and that accounts for the funds spent. Specific guidelines for your grant report are sent with the initial grant contract.

Reports are due 30 days after the close of the grant period.

If grant projects exceed 12 months, interim reports may be required. Consult your grant contract for deadlines specific to your grant.

Please notify the Wabash Center 30 days in advance if you are not going to meet the reporting deadlines listed on the contract.

When writing the final narrative report, we understand that no project proceeds entirely as planned. Some strategies work better than hoped, others do not. But an honest assessment of what worked and what did not is generally useful for future work.

Put your project into a larger context of reflection and interrogate its assumptions and method. How did your strategies and design work? What might you or others do differently in the future? What do you see now about your problem or question that would press you to do things differently?

Final reports have three parts:
Final Narrative Report
Official Financial Report
Learning Abstract


Grant Products

It is of critical importance to us to know  about any products that may be generated as a result of your grant. The Wabash Center would like to receive copies of any grant products (4 copies of books, DVD’s, audio and video tapes, and 2 copies of articles and/or published documents) as well as information about websites, data collections and bibliographies that are produced as part of the work of the grant.

Questions and more information:
Gina Haile ( )
Grants Coordinator 800-655-7117

Final Grant Reports are considered by the Wabash Center to be internal documents.

A conference paper or article, which is written to disseminate the findings of the grant to one’s colleagues or a professional group, is not considered an evaluative report of the grant project.

Interim Grant Reports Should follow the same guidelines as the Final Report: please provide a narrative and financial accounting of the activities for the time period covered by the report.

A Revised Budget Request  should accompany the report if there are future expenditures that will vary from the approved budget.

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