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A CPE-Inspired Pedagogy for Faith-Rooted Justice Leadership Learning

Awarded Grant
Baird, Justus
Auburn Theological Seminary
Theological School

Proposal abstract :
In the fall of 2016, with a vision for a CPE-inspired faith-rooted justice learning program, Auburn launched the Justice Ministry Education (JME) program. The model employed a pedagogy that integrates field-based action with guided theological reflection in small groups. In the summer of 2017, Auburn will bring five group supervisors together for a three-day strategic learning and evaluation session to design the core curriculum for the national Justice Ministry Education program. Supervisors will engage in evaluative learning before the gathering, work together to creatively design the curriculum at the convening, and Auburn will disseminate the curriculum to all new JME groups going forward.

Learning Abstract :
The Justice Ministry Education (JME) program, an intensive leadership learning program for religious leaders, seminary students, organizers, activists and nonprofit staff, is transitioning from pilot program to a growing national educational network. The original vision for the program, inspired by CPE's dual commitment to field work combined with small group theological reflection, was successful and has been refined to better match the needs of JME supervisors, participants and field sites. Five educational outcome areas were devised to guide every aspect of the 300-hour learning experience: faith-rootedness; justice practices; role discernment and knowledge of self; self- and communal-care; and accountability and relationships. The exact activities to be used to reach the educational outcomes need additional experimentation, reflection and evaluation over two or more years. JME supervisors need both in-real-life and virtual tools and moments to build relationships and share ideas and learning with each other.
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