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A Model of Seminary Cooperation for Learner-Centered Education

Awarded Grant
Zabel, Sue|Waldkoenig, Gilson
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg
Theological School
Topics: Technology and Teaching    |   Educating Clergy

Proposal abstract :
LTSG and Wesley Seminary collaborate to produce a learner-centered and technologically equipped course, “Rural and Small Church Ministries.” The course will be enhanced by research and development of an on-line set of additional resources from multiple traditions, multi-disciplinary faculty, and an innovative combination of classroom and on-line teaching.

Learning Abstract :
The project was implemented in the spring of 2001. We (Waldkoenig at LTSG and Zabel at Wesley Theological Seminary) had designed what we hoped would be a learner-centered course on rural ministry. Our hope was to include technology in the teaching and learning process to allow for various learning styles of the students and to provide new ways to reflect upon rural contexts. The course had three different sections: one in the classroom at Wesley and two online sections. These were the first pilots of online courses at either school. All three sections of our course enjoyed ample discussion times in response to an array of resources including presentations, readings and guest practitioners. The presentations included graphics of rural art, photos, statistical charts and outlines of ideas that had not been readily available. The grant supported the development of the presentations, their delivery online, sustaining the online discussion through Blackboard course web pages and the collaboration of project directors Zabel and Waldkoenig.
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