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Database of Texts and Images for Teaching the New Testament

Awarded Grant
Attridge, Harold
Yale University
Undergraduate School
Topics: Teaching a Specific Subject   |   Technology and Teaching

Proposal abstract :
Create a structured, web-searchable database of texts and images related to the study of the New Testament. The database will augment Yale’s existing Ad Hoc Digital Library that supports the teaching of church history.

Learning Abstract :
The project sought to create a structured, web-searchable database of texts and images to support the teaching of courses in the New Testament. The distinctiveness of this site would be its connection to the extensive resources of Yale University. The material in this database can help to place New Testament studies into the context of the worlds in which it was written and in which it came to be accepted as authoritative. Thus, the focus of the project was to use electronic resources to help integrate the study of the New Testament, both in its immediate context and in the context of the history of Christianity.
The project goals were met with the creation of the Eikon Image Database for Biblical Studies, an online resource with immediate impact on the teaching of New Testament at Yale Divinity School. In the grant period the conceptual framework and interlocking structure of the database were put in place. A great deal of content was added, with more to be completed. They learned a great deal about the potential and problems of creating digital resources.
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