2017-18 Early Career Workshop

2017-18 Teaching Workshop for Early Career Theological School Faculty

This workshop invites teachers who are in their first years of teaching, to join a relational community of peers and leaders who value the cultivation of capacities for empathic care and generative collegiality. This community builds itself through the exploration of:

  • The significance of embodiment
  • Institutional culture
  • Emerging pedagogies
  • The spirituality of teaching

The workshop will gather 14 faculty members for a week in two successive summers at Wabash College, and a weekend winter retreat in Corpus Christi, Texas. There will be a balance of plenary sessions, small group discussions, workshop sessions, structured and unstructured social time, and time for relaxation, exercise, meditation, discovery, laughter, and lots of good food and drink.


  • To create a restorative space in which participants can reflect on their vocation as teachers
  • To engage participants in their development of the craft of teaching through critical reflection on a variety of tools, practices, and methods
  • To encourage participants to own and develop their own sense of embodied agency in their teaching, institutional life, and career development


Participants will receive an honorarium of $3400 for full participation in the three workshop sessions, plus local expenses and travel.


Participants are eligible to apply for a $5000 fellowship for work on a teaching project during the following academic year (2018-19). These awards are for projects that emerge from the conversation and ideas of the workshop, in consultation with the leadership team, and are conducted during the year following the workshop.  


Front Row: Adam Ployd (Eden Theological Seminary), *Roger S. Nam (George Fox Evangelical Seminary), *Amy G. Oden (St. Paul Theological Seminary at OKC), *Stephen G. Ray, Jr. (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary), *Ruth Anne Reese (Asbury Theological Seminary), Paula McGee (Memphis Theological Seminary).

Second Row: *Tim Lake (Wabash Center), Leah Payne (George Fox University), Angela Cowser (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary), Jennifer Leath (Iliff School of Theology), Laura Levens (Baptist Seminary of Kentucky), Jennifer Kryszak (St. Thomas University), Kimberleigh Jordan (Drew Theological School), Mark Hearn (Seattle University), Luis Menéndez-Antuña (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary), Julie Parker (Trinity Lutheran Seminary).

Back Row:  Samantha Miller (Anderson University), Shively Smith (Wesley Theological Seminary), Asante Todd (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary).

*leadership/staff position.


Due January 17, 2017

Workshop Information


  • First Session:  
    July 24-29, 2017, Wabash College
  • Second Session:  
    January 18-21, 2018, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Third Session:  
    June 11-16, 2018, Wabash College

Leadership Team

  • Stephen G. Ray, Jr., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Director
  • Roger S. Nam, George Fox Evangelical Seminary
  • Amy G. Oden, St. Paul Theological Seminary at OKC
  • Ruth Anne Reese, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Tim Lake, Wabash Center

Important Information

Wabash Center