2018-19 Online Workshop

Workshop for Theological School Faculty Teaching Online 

In this workshop, theological school faculty will design, build, implement, assess, and redesign an online or hybrid course to be taught in the 2018-19 academic year. The workshop will be offered as a hybrid experience, blending elements of individual work, three face-to-face sessions, and collaborative work as part of a virtual learning community. During the first summer, participants will engage in an intensive program that includes online content (developed in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin – Madison), bookended by two of the face-to-face gatherings with peers on the Wabash College campus. During the 2018-19 academic year, participants will teach and assess the course they designed. In the final face-to-face session during the summer of 2019, each participant will review their assessment information, share best practices, wrestle with deeper issues of pedagogy and sociology of learning, and complete a plan for revising their course.


Participants will be able to:

  • Design, construct, implement, assess, and revise a well-conceived and pedagogically sound course for delivery in an online or hybrid format
  • Assess the unique opportunities and challenges for effective teaching and learning posed by traditional, hybrid, and online teaching environments
  • Apply sound principles of pedagogy and the sociology of learning communities to the design of an online or hybrid course
  • Make informed decisions about how to shape effective pedagogical and sociological strategies for the venue in which they will be used, in order to achieve the desired learning outcomes
  • Design and facilitate learning activities and processes in order to achieve effective, relational, and formational learning outcomes
  • Contribute in positive ways to institutional exploration of online and hybrid learning environments


  • At least 5 years of teaching experience
  • Teaching at the master’s level in an accredited seminary or theological school in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada
  • Scheduled to teach a master’s level or Doctor of Ministry course in the 2018-19 academic year that is a hybrid or fully online format
  • Institutional support to participate fully in all face-to-face and online sessions
  • Read Our Policy on Participation


Participants will receive an honorarium of $3400 for full participation in the three f2f and online course sessions. In addition, all participants will be reimbursed for local expenses and travel.

Application Materials

1) Complete the application Contact Information Form

2) Attach a cover letter (two-page maximum) answering the following questions. Keep in mind that you do not need to have had a great deal of experience with technology or online teaching, nor do you need to be without reservation about its potential.

a) What are your motivations for participating in this workshop?

b) What do you believe are the strengths and limitations of online or hybrid learning environments for theological education?

c) What experience have you already had in using educational technology as part of your teaching practice, whether to enhance a face-to-face course, or to deliver a fully online or hybrid course?

3) Attach your Academic CV (4-page limit)

4) Follow instructions to request a reference letter from your dean, rector, or principal. Please have this recommendation uploaded directly to your application according to the online application instructions. This letter should:

a) Describe the role you will be expected to play in your institution’s engagement with online and hybrid courses

b) Confirm that you will teach this hybrid or online course during the 2018-19 academic year

c) Identify the learning management system support person at the institution who will provide IT infrastructure and support for the course

d) Certify that an editable course site will be available to you in your LMS no later than June 1, 2018

Applications were due January 16, 2018

Workshop Information


  • Online Start-up: May 8-21, 2018 (5-8 total hours of work)
  • F2f session #1:
    May 29-June 1, 2018, Wabash College
  • Online course:
    June 5-July 31, 2018 (15-20 hours/week)
  • F2f session #2:
    August 1-4, 2018, Wabash College
  • F2f session #3:
    May 28-31, 2019, Wabash College

Leadership Team

  • Steve Delamarter, Director, Portland Seminary
  • Stacy Williams-Duncan, Virginia Theological Seminary
  • Bridget Powell, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Thomas Pearson, Associate Director, Wabash Center

Important Information