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Dear Sisters: A Womanist Practice of Hospitality

Westfield, N. Lynne
Pilgrim Press, Cleveland, OH
Topics: Diversifying the Curriculum   |   Vocation of Teaching   |   Identity, Society, and Church

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From the Publishers
What allows African American women not just to survive, but to become resilient? N. Lynne Westfield finds an answer to this question as she examines the Dear Sisters' Literary Group. As a Womanist scholar, Westfield reflects on the ways in which the hospitality of the group relates to the long-standing African American tradition of concealed gatherings, the Christian tradition of hospitality, and Christian education.

Table Of Content:
ch. 1 The Resilience of African American Women
ch. 2 Gathering the Voices
ch. 3 Hospitality among Dear Sisters
ch. 4 Doing Womanist Theology with Dear Sisters
ch. 5 Practical Implications for Christian Education
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