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"Forum on Seminary Teaching and Formation Online"

Gin, Deborah H.C.; Lester, G. Brooke; Blodgett, Barbara
Teaching Theology and Religion 22, no. 1 (2019): 73-87
BL41.T4 v.22 no. 1
Topics: Online Learning   |   Ministerial Formation

Additional Info:
This Forum explores what the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) has been learning about formation in online contexts through the Educational Models and Practices project. Deborah Gin's opening essay briefly enumerates operating assumptions, several widespread misconceptions, and emerging recommended practices. G. Brooke Lester proposes a definition of formation as transformation towards community, which is grounded in constructivist learning theory. He then reflects on the possibilities for this kind of community through online learning environments. Barbara Blodgett's contribution draws on “transactional distance theory” to analyze how a variety of pedagogical techniques (both online and face to face) can work to either exacerbate or minimize the distance between learners, which is an important contributor to formation and community. The Forum originated as panel presentations at the November 2017 Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion conferences.
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