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More than a Moment: Contextualizing the Past, Present, and Future of MOOCs

Krause, Steven D.
Utah State University Press
LB1044.87.K73 2019
Topics: Online Learning   |   Changes in Higher Education

Additional Info:
As recently as 2012, massive open online courses (MOOCs) looked poised to revolutionize higher education, but in just a few years their flaws and problems have made them into a less relevant model. In More than a Moment, Steven D. Krause explores MOOCs and their continuing impact on distance learning in higher education, putting them in the context of technical innovations that have come before and those that will be part of the educational future.

Krause writes about his own experiences as a participant in several MOOCs and the experiences of faculty who developed and taught MOOCs. Contrary to many early claims from educational entrepreneurs, they were never entirely “new,” and MOOCs and their aftermath are still at the heart of the tensions between nonprofit universities and for-profit entities, particularly online program management firms, in delivering distance education.

While MOOCs are no longer a threat to education in the United States, they are part of the ongoing corporatization of education and remain part of conversations about experienced-based credit, corporate training, and open education. Presenting historical, student, teacher, and administrative perspectives, More than a Moment is a well-rounded treatment that will be of interest to academics and entrepreneurs interested in distance education, online pedagogy, online program management, and public-private partnerships in higher education. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:


Ch 1. MOOCs in the University Context: The Rapid Rise, Fall, and Failure of MOOCs in Higher Education
Ch 2. MOOCs as a Continuation of Distance Education Technologies
Ch 3. MOOCs in the Student Context
Ch 4. MOOCs in the Faculty Context
Ch 5. The Present and (Fuzzy and Difficult to Predict) Future of MOOCs


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