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Portfolio to Go: 1000+ Reflective Writing Prompts and Provocations for Clinical Learners

Peterkin, Allan D.
University of Toronto Press, Toronto
R119.P48 2016
Topics: Ministerial Formation   |   Student Portfolios

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Abstract: Preparing a learning portfolio has become a mandatory part of the course work in most clinical professions. Students and educators alike sometimes complain that these mandatory assignments become repetitive and uninspired. However, we all need to be able to speak and write clearly as we work with our colleagues, students and those we care for.

In Portfolio To Go, Allan D. Peterkin insists that reflective capacity, critical thinking, creative expression, and narrative competence are attributes that should be developed in every health professional – regardless of the discipline or specialty. Trainees will find over 1000 prompts organized under themes highly relevant to students and educators, including those not formally addressed in class, such as coping with uncertainty and ambiguity, team conflict, and resilience through good self-care. Practical tips for writing effectively and for discussing and evaluating narratives in a helpful, respective manner are provided throughout. Peterkin is a pioneer in emphasizing patient-centred, humanistic care and Portfolio To Go will help to train and develop more reflective practitioners. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Introduction - Some Background on Reflective Capacity

ch. 1 Why We Write (and How We Can Do It Better)
ch. 2 What Can My Reflective Portfolio Be?
ch. 3 Finding Optimal Conditions to Write and Reflect
ch. 4 Getting Started: Learning as a Journey - Writing Prompts
ch. 5 Using Writing Prompts and Storytelling to Maximize Growth and Reflection
ch. 6 Communication - Writing Prompts
ch. 7 Collaboration and Teamwork - Writing Prompts
ch. 8 Conflict - Writing Prompts
ch. 9 The Personal Narrative Reflection Tool – Steps for Enhancing Critical Reflection in your Portfolio Entries
ch. 10 The Patient or Client as Person - Writing Prompts
ch. 11 Diversity Culture Equity - Writing Prompts
ch. 12 Social Justice/ Advocacy - Writing Prompts
ch. 13 From Portfolio to Action: Practical Strategies for Practicing Narrative-Based Care
ch. 14 Well-Being and the Clinician as a Person - Writing Prompts
ch. 15 Ambiguity/ Uncertainty - Writing Prompts
ch. 16 Career Satisfaction - Writing Prompts
ch. 17 Battling the Inner Critic - How to Stay Open when you Reflect and Write
ch. 18 Personal Reflections - Writing Prompts
ch. 19 Elements of Critical Written Reflection
ch. 20 Sample Course Guidelines – USCF LEAP and Reflection on Action Rubric (UCSF)
ch. 21 The Body - Writing Prompts
ch. 22 Things to Consider when Forming a Reflective Writing Group
ch. 23 Professionalism and Ethics - Writing Prompts
ch. 24 Values, Beliefs and Assumptions - Writing Prompts
ch. 25 Toward a More In-depth Assessment of Reflective Writing Evaluation – How do Professors Grade Your Assignments?
ch. 26 Hidden Curriculum and Power - Writing Prompts
ch. 27 Am I a Good Group Member? Positive Characteristics
ch. 28 Dilemmas and Difficult Stories - Writing Prompts
  ch. 29 Sample Discussion Points when Working with Students
ch. 30 For Teachers and Student Leaders
ch. 31 A Sample Narrative Reflection Workshop Evaluation
ch. 32 Creativity - Writing Prompts
ch. 33 Graphic Medicine - Reflecting Without Words
ch. 34 Getting Published - Common Themes that Predict Success
  ch. 35 Guidelines for Narrative Accountability when Writing about Patients / Clients
ch. 36 Finding Publishing Opportunities
ch. 37 A Few Words on Blogging and Social Media
ch. 38 Other Writing and Healing References
ch. 39 Author Biography
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