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Producing Video For Teaching and Learning: Planning and Collaboration

O'Donoghue, Michael
Routledge, New York, NY
LB 1044.7.034 2014
Topics: Using Technology

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Abstract: Producing Video for Teaching and Learning: Planning and Collaboration provides lecturers, researchers, professors, and technical staff in educational settings with a framework for producing video resources for teaching and learning purposes. This highly useful guide brings together the literature from the field into a constructive, developmental framework, prompting users to reflect on their own ideas at each stage of the production process.

O’Donoghue makes clear distinctions between related aspects of video production, and offers working definitions where appropriate in order to address the academic and tertiary support technical audience. Interviews with established professionals in the field illustrate the possibilities—and limitations—of video for teaching and learning. Producing Video for Teaching and Learning gives readers the power to enhance the learning capacity of their own video materials. (From the Publisher)

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Executive Summary

ch. 1 Video's digital coming of age
ch. 2 An Educator's Guide to Video Production
ch. 3 A Video Producer's Guide to Teaching and Learning
ch. 4 A framework for Educational Video Preproduction
ch. 5 Six of the best
ch. 6 Student Video Production

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