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"Responses to Hugh Heclo's On Thinking Institutionally"

Fennell, Robert C., Ascough, Richard S., Liew, Tat-siong Benny, McLain, Michael, and Westfield, Nancy Lynne
Teaching Theology and Religion 13, no. 3 (2010): 272-284
Topics: Vocation of Teaching   |   Theological Education   |   Changes in Higher Education

Additional Info:
Hugh Heclo's recent book On Thinking Institutionally (Paradigm Publishers, 2008) analyzes changes that have taken place in the past half century in how North Americans tend to think and act in institutions. The volume is receiving particular attention as it can be applied to higher education and to religious denominations, and so deserves consideration by those who teach in theology and religious studies. At an October 2009 conference, The Wabash Center hosted a lively discussion of Heclo's volume among invited religion and theology scholars, which resulted in the present compilation of four short responses to the book. What was and is clear from these responses is that while Heclo has identified a crucial issue, his analysis and prescription leave important theoretical and practical questions untouched. Indeed part of the energy around the discussion of the book flowed from the ways in which his lack of attention to social class, gender, race, and age circumscribed his ability to robustly describe and diagnose the challenge that gave rise to his book. In order to orient readers to the volume and discussion of it, the "Conversation" begins with a descriptive review of the book.
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