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Teaching Religion Using Technology in Higher Education

Hilton III, John, ed.
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
BL41.T43 2018
Topics: Religion and Academia   |   Using Technology

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This edited collection helps those teaching religion in higher education utilize technology to increase student learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Recent times have seen major technological shifts that have important implications for how religion is taught at a post-secondary level. Providing multiple perspectives on a range of topics—including social media use and interactive classroom learning —this book presents a series of original case studies and insights on how technology can be used in religion classes in higher education to improve student learning. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Part I: Technology in the Classroom
Ch 1. Third-Screen Teaching: Enhancing Classroom Learning with Mobile Devices - Richard Newton
Ch 2. Student-Created Podcasts as a Means of Knowledge Assessment - David Kniep
Ch 3. Who Do You Vote That I Am? Using Student Response Systems in Religion Courses - Renate Hood
Ch 4. Teaching Religion with Clickers - Kristy L.Slominski
Ch 5. "Seeing" the Sacred Landscape: A Digital Geographies Approach to Contextualizing Ancient Sites in Religious Education - Kyle M. Oliver

Part II: Leveraging Technology in and out of the Classroom
Ch 6. If You’ll Tweet Along With Me: Effectively Using Social Media in Religious Education - Rob O’Lynn
Ch 7. Social Media in Higher-Ed Religion Studies - Brooke Lester
Ch 8. Blended Learning in Religious Education: What, Why, and How - Anthony Sweat
Ch 9. Character-izing Gameful Learning: Using Student-Guided Narratives to Motivate, Engage, and Inform Learners - Christopher Heard, Steven V. Rouse

Part III: Using Technology to Expand Your Classroom
Ch 10. Technology Twist on the Visiting Professor - Gerald L. Stevens
Ch 11. Taming the MOOS: Massive Online Open Seminars in Religion - Phyllis Zagano
Ch 12. Welcoming the Stranger—to the Conversation - Charlotte Heeg
Ch 13. Comparing Spiritual Outcomes in Face-to-Face versus Online Delivery of a Religion Course - John Hilton III, Kenneth Plummer, Ben Fryar, & Ryan Gardner
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