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"What IF? Building Interactive Fiction for Teaching and Learning Religious Studies"

Lester, G. Brooke
Teaching Theology and Religion 21, no. 4 (2018): 260-273
BL41.T4 v.21 no. 4
Topics: Using Technology   |   Learning Designs   |   Role-Playing   |   Constructivist & Active Learning Theory

Additional Info:
Games offer unique possibilities for learning, and text‐based interactive fiction (“IF”) in particular lends itself as a low barrier to entry for instructors and students wishing to build interactive narrative games. Understanding by Design provides a framework by which to determine the best possible places for instructor‐ and learner‐built IF in any given course, whether face‐to‐face or online. A thick description of how an instructor conceived and developed two IF games follows, explicitly tied to course‐design considerations like learning goals and assessment performances. The value of IF as a student project is explored, and finally an appendix provides resources for instructors and students to begin building their own interactive fiction.
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