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Wabash College
Wabash Center programs are funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.
Large Project Grants    

 Projects up to $30,000

Annual Deadlines for Submitting Grant Proposals:
March 1 and October 3

Please read these instructions before beginning the application process. Also be sure to review:
Grants Home Page
Types of Grants

We welcome letters of inquiry and are willing to review drafts of proposals submitted well in advance of the deadlines.

Dr. Paul O. Myhre
Associate Director, Wabash Center

A Wabash Center grant proposal consists of three parts.
     1. Grant Application Form
     2. Project Proposal (including budget)
     3. Institutional Letter of Support (as described below)

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Part 1: Grant Application Form
The form requests information necessary for the consideration of your proposal (including contact information, grant project dates, amount of the grant, and 150 word proposal abstract).

This form requires contact information for:
     - The Project Director(s) (the person(s) responsible for providing narrative report on grants, typically the person(s) over-seeing the administration of the grant and writing the project proposal to apply for the grant). SIGNATURE REQUIRED.
      - The Financial Contact (the person responsible for receiving the check and providing financial reports of expenditures for the institution). This should be a different person than the project director.
      - The Authorization Contact (the person authorized to sign grant requests for the institution). SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

We encourage you to fill this form out and submit it online.
You will be prompted to attach the required documents to this online form, including a signed copy of the form itself, the Project Proposal, and the signed Letter of Institutional Support. 

Part 2: Project Proposal
The Project Proposal is a narrative that should include all of the following elements. (Consult the links on the upper right hand side of this page for further details on these sections.)

1. Title
2. Proposal Abstract
3. Presenting Question or Problem
4. Larger Context of Work
5. Project Goals
6. Outline and Design of Activities
7. Evaluation Plan
8. Plans for Dissemination
9. Line Item Budget
10. Budget Narrative
11. Selected Bibliography

Prepare the Project Proposal document separately and either attach it to the online Grant Application Form, or enclose a printed version of the document if applying by mail.

Total length of the Project Proposal should be about 10-12 pages. Please number the pages of your project proposal.

Successful proposals include specific examples, demonstrate thoughtful reflection about the project’s presenting problem, identify and address relevant pedagogical questions, attend to the alignment of the design with the goals, and provide clear plans for evaluating and disseminating the project’s results.

Part 3: Institutional Letter Of Support
This letter should be written by the appropriate dean, president, principal, departmental chair, or provost in order to demonstrate the institutional rationale and support for the project. If the dean or the president will be the project director, the recommendation letter should be written by someone else in the institution to show wider institutional support. The letter should also speak to how the work will be sustained after the completion of the grant.

The letter must be signed on institutional letterhead. It can be scanned and attached to the online application form.

Grant Coaching
The Wabash Center understands our grants program as a part of our overall teaching and learning mission. We are interested in not only awarding grants to excellent proposals, but also in enabling faculty members to develop and hone their skills as grant writers. Therefore we offer grant coaching for all faculty interested in submitting a Wabash Center Project Grant proposal.

Contact Dr. Paul O. Myhre, Associate Director of the Wabash Center, about grant ideas or with a proposal draft for which you want feedback and response.

There is no guarantee that a grant that has gone through our coaching process will be funded—funding decisions are made by a separate Advisory Committee—but we will help you present the project in the clearest and most coherent way.

Click to login to Application Form

Dr. Paul O. Myhre
Associate Director, Wabash Center
(800) 655-7117

Required Format for Grant Proposals

2 Title
2 Proposal Abstract
2 Presenting Question or Problem
2 Larger Context of Work
2 Project Goals
2 Outline and Design of Activities
2 Evaluation Plan
2 Plans for Dissemination
2 Line Item Budget
2 Budget Narrative
2 Selected Bibliography

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Eligibility Requirements

Activities Not Funded

Grant Writing Aids

Other Funding Sources

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