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Wabash College
Wabash Center programs are funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.
Types of Grants
The Wabash Center provides grants for activities that enhance teaching and learning in the fields of religion and theology. Proposals need to demonstrate that the project improves practical application of teaching and learning methods, creates a supportive environment for teachers, promotes a sustained conversation about pedagogy, or supports research and study of pedagogical issues.

Small Project Grant (up to $5,000)(previous maximum of $2,500)
Have a shorter project proposal and can be approved anytime throughout the year.
Application Requirements:
• Grant Application Form
• Project Proposal (including budget)
• Institutional Letter of Support
• Rolling Deadline

 Project Grants (up to $30,000) (previous maximum of $20,000)
Awarded 2 times a year.
Deadlines: March 1 and October 3

Application Requirements:
• Grant Application Form
• Project Proposal (including budget)
• Institutional Letter of Support
• Total length of the proposal should be about 10-12 pages

Use the same Grant Application Form for both kinds of grants. The form requests information necessary for the consideration of your proposal and authorized signatures from officials at your school. It can be scanned and attached to the online application. The proposal abstract you submit in the application form will be posted on our website if the grant is awarded.

How to Apply
 Small Project Grant (up to $5,000)
 Project Grants (up to $30,000)

In Addition

The Wabash Center also has offered particular grant programs specific to particular workshop, colloquy and conferences, or other dedicated initiatives:
Peer Mentoring Clusters
Doctoral Program Grants
Workshop Summer Fellowship and Grant Program
Colloquy Follow-up Grants
Graduate Programs Teaching Initiative
Workshops on Teaching College Introductory Courses
Educating Clergy Grants

Only participants in these particular programs are eligible for these grants.

More information on Wabash Center Workshops and Colloquies

Dr. Paul O. Myhre
Associate Director, Wabash Center
(800) 655-7117
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Other Funding Sources

The Catholic Distance Learning Network (catholicdistance.org) was recently made possible by a Wabash Center grant. Because of Wabash, the Network will be able to train 30 professors in online teaching and learning for the purpose of sharing human and material resources between Catholic seminaries across the United States.
Dr. Sebastian Mahfood
Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

It is no exaggeration to say that the Wabash grant has changed our school profoundly by allowing us to implement real and tangible steps to make aspirations reality.
R. Todd Mangum
Biblical Theological Seminary

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