2012 Graduate Program Initiative

2012 Summative Conference for Graduate Program Teaching Initiative

April 23-25, 2012

This conference gathered representatives from 16 doctoral programs that received grants in 2011 from the Wabash Center to meet with recently graduated doctoral students for structured feedback and conversation on their preparation by the doctoral program for their careers as teachers.

Purposes of the Conference:

  • To continue the reflective work within each school about their doctoral program and how it contributes to the teaching preparedness of its graduates;
  • To contribute to the work and programming of the Wabash Center as it plans its future work with doctoral-granting institutions.

List of Conference Participants

Baylor University
Rosalie Beck
William Bellinger
James Nogalski

Boston University School of Theology
Bryan Stone
Anjulet Tucker

Dallas Theological Seminary
Ronald Allen
Glenn Kreider
Richard Taylor

Emory University
Barbara Patterson

Graduate Theological Union
Kathleen Kook
Maureen Maloney

Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Shuly Schwartz
Stefanie Siegmund

Loyola University Chicago
Wendy Cotter

Marquette University
Robert Masson
Susan Wood

McGill Faculty of Religious Studies
Ellen Aitken
G. Victor Hori
Patricia Kirkpatrick

McMaster University
James Benn
Celia Rothenberg
Marie Vander Kloet

Princeton Theological Seminary
F.W. “Chip” Dobbs-Allsopp
Kathleen McVey
Shawn Oliver

Southern Methodist University
Mark Chancey
Richard Nelson

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wes Black
Edward Pauley

Syracuse University
Vincent Lloyd
William Robert
Joanne Waghorne

DU/Iliff Joint Program
Richard Clemmer-Smith
Gregory Robbins
Katherine Turpin

University of Notre Dame
J. Matthew Ashley
Daniel Smith

Wabash Center