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Rape Culture and Religious Studies: Critical and Pedagogical Engagements

Graybill, Rhiannon; Minister, Meredith; Lawrence, Beatrice, eds.
Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield use this name for sending reviews.)
HV6558.R3533 2019
Topics: Religion and Academia   |   Teaching Diversity and Justice   |   Changes in Higher Education

Additional Info:
Rape Culture and Religious Studies: Critical and Pedagogical Engagements stages a critical engagement between religious texts and the problem of sexual violence. Rape and other forms of sexual violence are widespread on college and university campuses; they also occur in sacred texts and religious traditions. The volume addresses these difficult intersections as they play out in texts, traditions, and university contexts. The volume gathers contributions from religious studies scholars to engage these questions from a variety of institutional contexts and to offer a constructive assessment of religious texts and traditions. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Introduction: Engaging Rape Culture, Reimagining Religious Studies (Rhiannon Graybill, Meredith Minister, and Beatrice Lawrence)

Ch 1. Reading Biblical Rape Texts beyond a Cop-Out Hermeneutics in the Trump Era (Susanne Scholz)
Ch 2. Constructions of Hindu Mythology after the Rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey: Coupling Activism with Pedagogy (T. Nicole Goulet)
Ch 3. Teaching Rape, Slavery, and Genocide in Bible and Culture (Gwynn Kessler)
Ch 4. On #MosqueMeToo: Lessons for Nuancing and Better Implementing the Lessons of #MeToo (Kirsten Boles)
Ch 5. Judges 19 and Non-Con: Sado-Kantian Aesthetics of Violence in the Tale of an Unnamed Woman (Minenhle Nomalungelo Khumalo)
Ch 6. To Confess the Fundamental Marian Dogma: Postulating the Doctrine of Mary’s Reproductive Justice (Jeremy Posadas)
Ch 7. Rape Culture in the Rabbinic Construction of Gender (Beatrice Lawrence)
Ch 8. Sex and Alien Encounter: Rethinking Consent as a Rape Prevention Strategy (Meredith Minister)
Ch 9. Good Intentions are Not Enough (Rhiannon Graybill)


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