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Teaching the Moral Traditions of Others: Editor’s Introduction

Journal Issue
Glennon, Frederick, ed.
Spotlight on Teaching, October 28,
Topics: Collaborative Learning   |   Teaching Religion   |   Case Study Method   |   Teaching Critical Thinking   |   Teaching Diversity and Justice

Additional Info:
Journal Issue. Full text is available online.

Table Of Content:
ch. 1 Teaching the Moral Traditions of Others: Editor's Introduction (Fred Glennon)
ch. 2 Educating Students as Immanent Critics of Religious-Moral Traditions (Rosemary B. Kellison)
ch. 3 Marriage and Moral Traditions of Others: Teaching Religious Ethics and World Religions (Irene Oh)
ch. 4 Using Group Work and Case Study to Teach about Islamic Law (Nahed Artoul Zehr)
ch. 5 Critical Thinking and Teaching the Religious Traditions of Others (Steven Benko)
ch. 6 Wider Moral Communities: A Framework for Teaching Comparative Religious Ethics (Mark Larrimore)
ch. 7 The Personal is Pedagogical: Embracing Moral Debate in the Religious Studies Classroom (Elizabeth Barre)

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