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The Creative Classroom: Innovative Teaching for 21st-Century Learners

Sawyer, Keith
Teachers College Press
LB1025.3.S29 2019
Topics: Collaborative Learning   |   Role-Playing   |   General Overviews   |   Alternative Classrooms

Additional Info:
The Creative Classroom presents an original, compelling vision of schools where teaching and learning are centered on creativity. Drawing on the latest research as well as his studies of jazz and improvised theater, Sawyer describes curricula and classroom practices that will help educators get started with a new style of teaching, guided improvisation, where students are given freedom to explore within structures provided by the teacher. Readers will learn how to improve learning outcomes in all subjects—from science and math to history and language arts—by helping students master content-area standards at the same time as they increase their creative potential. This book shows how teachers and school leaders can work together to overcome all-too-common barriers to creative teaching—leadership, structure, and culture—and collaborate to transform schools into creative organizations. (From the Publisher)

Table Of Content:
Foreword (Tony Wagner)

Part 1. Introduction
  Teaching with Guided Improvisation
  Facing the Teaching Paradox
  The Creative Teachers of the Future

Part 2. Teaching Creative Knowledge
  Creative Knowledge and Shallow Knowledge
  Moving Beyond the Coverage Trap
  Learning Creativity and State Standards
  Creative Habits of Mind
  Creative Knowledge in Math, Science, and History
  Teaching for Creativity in Every Subject

Part 3. Guided Improvisation
  Learning to Improvise
  Collaboration and Improvisation
  Improv Techniques for Teachers
  When Teachers Need to Break the Rules
  Lesson Planning for Guided Improvisation
  Balancing Structure and Improvisation

Part 4. Mastering the Teaching Paradox
  The Structures of Guided Improvisation
  Project-Based Learning and the Teaching Paradox
  Managing the Teaching Paradox: Six Case Studies
  From Novice Teacher to Expert Improviser
  Improvising with Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Part 5. Schools for Creativity
  The Culture of the Creative School
  Leadership in the Creative School
  The Organizational Structure of the Creative School
  Assessment in the Creative School

Part 6. A Call to Action



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