2014 Graduate Program Initiative

2014 Summative Conference 3
Graduate Program Teaching Initiative

Dates March 23-25, 2014 Alexander Hotel, Indianapolis

Leadership Team
Eugene Gallagher, Connecticut College
Willie Jennings, Duke Divinity School
Patricia Killen, Gonzaga University


This conference gathers the representatives from nine doctoral programs that received grants in 2013-14 to meet with recently graduated doctoral students for structured feedback and conversation on their preparation by the doctoral program for their careers as teachers.

Purposes of the Conference:

To continue the reflective work within each school about their doctoral program and how it contributes to the teaching preparedness of its graduates;

To contribute to the work and programming of the Wabash Center as it plans its future work with doctoral-granting institutions.

Descriptions and Findings of Programs

Eugene Gallagher, Connecticut College
Willie Jennings, Duke Divinity School
Patricia Killen, Gonzaga University

Conference Participants:
Duke Divinity School
            Susan Eastman, Director, Doctor of Theology Program
            Sujin Pak, Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Duke University Graduate Program in Religion
            Richard Jaffe, Director of Graduate Studies
            Stephen Chapman, Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary
            David Hogue, Director, Ph.D. Program
            Luis Rivera, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean           
            Jack Seymour, Professor of Religious Education                       

Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion
            Nili Fox, Director – School of Graduate Studies        
            Jason Kalman, Chair in Jewish Intellectual History         
            Jan Katzew, Director of Service Learning               

Indiana University
            Aaron Stalnaker, Director of Graduate Studies        
            Robert Jaques, Associate Professor, Dept of Religious Studies            
            Jason Mokhtarian, Assistant Professor, Dept of Religious Studies                                   

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
            Richard Averbeck, Director of the Ph.D. (Theological Studies)        
            Donald Guthrie, Director of the Ph.D. (Educational Studies)         
            Harold Netland, Director of the Ph.D. (Intercultural Studies)         

University of Chicago Divinity School
            Margaret Mitchell, Dean of the Divinity School         
            Brandon Cline, Program Coordinator, The Craft of Teaching         
            Jeffrey Stackert, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible                 

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
            Lauren Leve, Director of Graduate Studies       
            Randall Styers, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies          

University of Ottawa
            Adele Reinhartz – Director of Graduate Programs         
            Lori Beaman, Professor of Religious Studies        
            Peter Beyer, Professor of Religious Studies

Wabash Center Staff:
            Nadine Pence, Director
            Paul Myhre, Associate Director
            Thomas Pearson, Associate Director

Wabash Center