Angel Santiago-Vendrell

Angel D. Santiago-Vendrell, Associate Professor of Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary, Orlando Campus. Angel lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife Misoon Im and two children. He loves surfing at Cocoa Beach on Saturdays, watching his kids play at Monkey Joe’s, and Thai food. He is the author of Contextual Theology and Revolutionary Transformation in Latin America (Pickwick Press 2010) and Tales of Mutual Influence: Biography as Missiology in Latin American Pentecostalism (Center for Latino Studies at Pentecostal Theological Seminary 2017). These days, he is doing research on the life and work of Justo L. Gonzalez at the Justo and Catherine Gonzalez Center in Orlando.

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For the last two years, I have taught a required class on evangelism for ordination at the United Methodist Church at Asbury Theological Seminary on the Orlando Campus during the summer and January terms. The course is structured as an intensive class delivered over five days. Over these two years, ...

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