Jill DeTemple

Jill DeTemple is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University, where she teaches courses in theory and method in the study of religion, world religions, and religion and identity, especially in Latin American contexts.  She is the author of two books that examine the intersection of religion and economic development in rural Ecuador (Cement, Earthworms and Cheese Factories:  Religion and Community Development in Rural Ecuador, 2012; Making Market Women:  Liberation Theology, Neoliberalism, and Gendered Social Capital in International Economic Development, forthcoming 2019), and has recently been working with John Sarrouf of Essential Partners studying and teaching about uses of Reflective Structured Dialogue for increasing engagement and understanding in college classrooms.  When not writing or dialoguing, she is often riding her bike, playing soccer, or keeping up with her two kids, Molly and John, who are big enough to do things, but not yet old enough to drive.

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I am a cyclist.  I ride a hybrid commuter bike to work most days and have a road bike that has taken me up mountain passes and on to country roads outside of Dallas where views of fields and livestock replace the asphalt jungles of the Metroplex.  I picked up ...

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